About Amadrina

AMADRINA is a Tanzanian (eastern Africa) licensed coconut oil production company operating in Mtwara town,Industrial area, South Tanzania.Our products, 100% made in Tanzania,  the coconut oil production  line is mainly sold in Mtwara Town,  but also throughout the country but also in East and Central African countries and France. Only Tanzanian local workers work with us.

What we offer you!

Coconut oil is a popular product in the beauty and cosmetic industry that can be used as skin moisturizer, as a treatment to reduce premature aging signs, as an ingredient to cosmetic products such as lotions, soaps and body creams. Also coconut oil is an excellent massage oil for all types of skin,  But there are many other ways coconut oil can be used for :

IN FOOD, as any other oil in food , as a salad dressing , bread spread, even as baking spray.

AS A MOUTHWASH, helping to fix most of teeth and gum problems.

We propose x4 types of packing :

  • 200ml bottle

  • 350ml jars

  • 500ml bottle ( COOKING OIL)

  • 20 liters bucket

You can help our community

As a customer of AMADRINA , you will help our small community to develop. By buying our products, You will confort and encourage us to put even more energy in our activity. You will help us improve our conditions of life and provide our families better health and education.

We are proud to be Tanzanians , proud to be Africans, proud to have you for customers.

Quality Commitment

The only ingredient of our products is 100% pure coconut pulp grown in Tanzania.

  • 100% ORGANIC

  • 100% PURE


We carefuly select only the fully matured coconuts to produce an oil matching with high standard of quality.

Samples of our oil is regularly laboratory tested in a FRENCH LABORATORY to check the compliance with the cosmetic industry  standards such as Codex Alimentaris.

We pay attention to hygien our process of fabrication to respect both food and cosmetic standards.

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